9 August, 2016

DIY Photo Display

Sometimes we want that happy moments passed long ago to keep giving us joy today and tommorow. Isn't it the very thing Instagram is made for ? ) I've decorated my work space with the photos of our family and nature scenes - the moments I admire looking away from the screen. So today I want to show how to make a unique tree branches photo display with your own hands )


• Photos (from Instamag )
• Scissors
• Twine 
• Iron nail (Hole Puncher)
• Pinecone
• 3 tree branches

1. Poke holes in each photo (at the center top and center bottom), using the iron nail. Cut a piece of twine and thread it through the holes in the photos.


2. Tie twines between the two branches (a top branch and a branch in the middle). Then tie twines between other two branches (a branch in the middle and a bottom branch)


3. Cut a little piece of twine and attach your pinecone to the composition with that piece.


Hang the handmade photo display on your wall!