Today I want to share the list of my favorite female-lead movies with you. There are stories that so important to me. I like to watch some of these movies over and over again. And I hope you'll find something interesting to yourselves!

I didn't add the best movies of all time or very popular movies to the list, such as "Ameli" or "Pride and Prejudice".  These flicks are already considered a classic. I tried to recollect some modern movies and those which don't have a 100% rating, but there's something in them)

I think the list will be updated periodically.


A great movie based on a novel. It's a really philosophical, calm and melancholic one, although with the aliens. But it's not the point of the movie))

The Help

It's based on a novel. The main subject of the movie - racial discrimination. Beautiful movie scenes will show you Mississippi in the early 1960s, colorful dresses, and an ordinary life of housewives.

Temple Grandin

A biopic about an autistic woman who contributed greatly to animal farming's development. It's about her fears, identity formation and her fight against public opinion. A really inspirational story! 

The Dressmaker

The story of a woman's returning to her small hometown. It's a beautiful and funny film filled with dark humor. So, be ready for it)

Mona Lisa Smile

The film shows us the story of an art professor and her young students. It's so interesting to watch at women in the early 1950s - times of social changes in the USA. The movie is very atmospheric! 

My Week with Marilyn

Well, here it's just nice to look at a beautiful actress. The film based on a true story of a nice young guy who spent seven days with Merlin Monro.


Oh, I like it very much! This is the story of Princess Diana. Of course, it has a tragic ending. But it's so interesting to look at the princess.

20th Century Women

The story of three women and a teenage boy living in Southern California of 1979.  They all have different ages and the film show us how different world events influenced on their worldview. It's a feel-good movie. 



It's based on a book. The film is very kind and atmospheric! This is the story of a young woman who leaves her home country and emigrates to Brooklyn seeking a new life. I guess there come times in everyone's life which one may call "Big changes". This film is about that. 

Woman in Gold


Romance onboard a space vehicle. It's a feel-good, beautiful movie of relationships and a difficult choice.

Out of Africa

I love it! The location, the actors, the interiors, everything about this movie is perfect! It's based on a true story.

Julie & Julia

Julia Child was a very famous American chef. This movie about her, beautiful France and a blogger with the same name Julie who found her purpose starting to cook all the recipes. It's based on a true story. 


Big Eyes

The story about an artist and her husband, based on true events. It's about personal qualities and the abilities of a small business owner and artist's copyright. I think creative persons would be interested. 


The Young Victoria

The bibliographical film of Queen Victoria and the period of her life when she met her future husband. It's a romantic movie)



The film based on a true story of the inventor Joy Mangano, who created her own business empire. An inspiring film!

The Time Traveler's Wife

A wonderful film! It's based on a novel. The film shows us the lives of two main characters. They fall in love. They get married. They are growing up and changing…


This is the drama of women who fought for their equality in the early 20th century. The film inspired by true events.

The Bridges of Madison County

I love this film! It's so calm and unhurried. The story is about the importance of life decisions that sometimes can be so challenging to make.


A biopic, inspired by great Frida Kahlo's life. She is probably the most famous female artist in the history of the world.


The Light Between Oceans

It's based on a book. A beautiful and heartbreaking film about devotion and really hard life choices. It's a pretty catchy story.

Erin Brockovich

The film is about perseverance and a strong woman's character. It's based on a true story of one court case, which falls into the hands of brave Erin.


Fried Green Tomatoes

This movie has a wonderful atmosphere of the American South! The story is about a really strong friendship between two women.

Coco avant Chanel

This is the story of Coco Chanel. Oh, Audrey Tautou is just terrific here!


I, Tonya

It's the story of an American figure skater, Tonya Harding.  She had so many problems with her mother, husband and with society as a whole. The film shows us that wins don't come easily.


The Girl on the Train

An interesting thriller based on a book! This story is about an unhealthy relationship and emotional dependency. A perfect image can hide something completely different.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It's based on a novel. Yes, the main character is a man, but the film also shows personality traits of female characters as well. There are so many wonderful dialogs and locations here. I love this film so much!