How to make a party hat with free printable template -Tutorial - Daria Danilova Blog

Cool party hats is half the battle! :-)  I really like to draw illustrations and patterns for them as well as making hats by myself (DIY rules :-) The process of making a  party hat is pretty straightforward and simple, so read the tutorial and make your party unique and memorable.



• Downloadable Party Hat Template - Click here to download 
• Heavy paper (like postcard or cardstock)
• Scissors and X-acto Knife
• Elastic or Ribbon
• Pencil
• Yarn

How to make a party hat with free printable template -Tutorial - Daria Danilova Blog

Create a pom pom


1.  Trace a big circle on a sheet of heavy paper, with a smaller circle inside

2.  Cut out the circle and then make a cut from the centre of the circle outwards. Try to get a form like the letter “C"

3.  Cut a piece of yarn and place it along the perimeter of the circle

4.  Wap your yarn all over your cardstock, trying to keep the ends of the yarn uncovered and dangling from the ceircle


5.  Slide your scissors in between yarn layers and cut through all the yarn wrapped around the top

6.  Take the ends of the yarn and tie as tightly as you can

7.  Trim your pom pom if there are any uneven spots


That’s it!

How to make a pom pom with free printable paty hat template -Tutorial - Daria Danilova Blog

Create a party hat

1.  Print the party hat template and cut it out

2.  Assemble the hat and put the tab into the slot. Brace the hat with sticky tape from within ( if needed )

3.  Put ends of pom pom through the hole at the top of the hat and hold them with the piece of sticky tape from within


4.  Poke a hole near the edge and take elastic that you want and thread it through the holes on either side of the hat


You are ready to party!


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