Hello – I'm Daria

I am a professional illustrator, visual artist, and graphic designer. Usually, I divide my working time between running my own business (a stationery shop) and creating illustrations for clients worldwide. I am passionate about drawing characters and heartwarming scenes with limited color palettes and handwritten typography. My work has been applied to a wide selection of projects including book illustration, licensing, editorial, game art, product design, and much more.

Whether working in traditional or digital mediums, my art is deeply inspired by slow living, simple joys, and all things of nostalgic moments and beautiful melancholy.


"Art on Loop" Group Show at The Holy Art Gallery in Paris, France, 2024. More About Event

“Hurry Up Slowly” Group Show at the Nikola Radošević Gallery, Serbia 2024. More About Event

"Quiet Places Solo Exhibition" at the Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, USA, 2020. More About Event